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Who We Are

Deborah Carver (publisher/editor-in-chief) has been publishing online since 1997, and working in various aspects of education and book publishing since 2004. She has lived in California, Delaware, New York, and South Carolina. In 2007 she moved to Minneapolis to attend the graduate program in mass communication at the University of Minnesota, where she studied digital communications and progressive independent media. In 2011 she was selected to participate in the Creative Community Leadership Institute at Intermedia Arts. She lives in Northeast Minneapolis, watches movies whenever she can, and Tumbls and Tweets as fightwithknives. For more details on her professional background, check out

Sara Blair (events and marketing) is a project manager at Ecopolitan, an organic, vegan raw food restaurant in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. At Ecopolitan, Sara manages the to-go side of the restaurant, online store, and social media, as well as helping with the Ecopolitan Community Network nonprofits in Nepal, the Center for Community Development & Research in Nepal (CCODER), and The Everest Learning Academy. Outside of her day job, Sara helps plan local arts and community events. Sara has a M.A. in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota.

Erica Edwardson (events and social media) is an ESL teacher in St. Paul and a Twin Cities native. She would be the perfect candidate for a niche blog, except that she has far too many interests—so instead she blogs about a range of topics that can include sewing, street fashion, food, maps, music, and educational policy. Never one to be confined to one subject matter, she also penned columns for her college newspaper and music magazine.

Joey Goodall (contributing editor) grew up twenty miles west of Green Bay, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2008 with a B.A. in English. Post-graduation he served two AmeriCorps terms as a tutor/volunteer coordinator in diverse, low-income elementary schools in Madison, WI and Mount Vernon, WA. His interests include education, religion, community, land and resource use, pop culture, and much more. He currently lives in St. Paul, where he works for a before and after school program focused on community-building and the social/emotional development of school-aged children.

Neal Hohman (all things web) is a Minneapolis native, where he builds websites for McDonagh Bros., Inc., an information technology firm in northeast. Previously, he worked for BuzzMedia in Los Angeles, one of the web’s largest entertainment media companies, where he was writer and marketing coordinator. You should follow him on Twitter: @hennepinave.

Ginger Jentzen (contributing editor – fiction) is a graduate of Colorado College with an English degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Francophone studies. She loves all that Minnesota offers, from summertime canoeing to winter skiing and, despite a love for travel, has always returned to the Twin Cities. She values the opportunity to meet people living creatively (however they feel this expressed in their daily activities). She struggles with generating her own short fiction, loves the French New Wave directors, reading and painting. Currently, she works with developmentally disabled individuals promoting an “active engagement” philosophy, and she’ll gladly serve you wine at Scusi’s wine bar in St. Paul on the weekends.

Lindsay Lelivelt (contributing editor) received her B.A. in English w/ an emphasis on writing from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2011. Her writing has appeared in The Gustavian Weekly, The Tangential, Examiner and Minnesota Monthly. Lindsay is an avid shoe wearer with an aptitude for puns and an affinity for otters-and is very understanding when you have a hard time pronouncing her last name. She tweets, tumbls and has an online portfolio of writing clips and fun, artsy things she has made.

Jill Michaelree (events and marketing manager) comes from Ozark mountain stock and grew up in the boonies near St. Louis. She studied creative writing and film at the University of North Texas and did event planning/fundraising/pinball playing in Portland, Oregon. As she grazes through her Masters of Nonprofit Management at Hamline University, she works as the Events and Membership Assistant for the Hennepin County Bar Association to bring in the paper to feed her law student husband and two 20 lbs. cats. Michaelree’s favorite things about the Twin Cities are the fried cheese curds, the building-connector walky tubes, the amount of people willing to play Settlers of Catan, and the incredible amount of affordable theatre.

Ben Miller (creative director) moved north from Le Sueur, MN, just in time to watch his beloved Twins win their first World Series. He studied graphic design at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities and serves as the web producer for A Prairie Home Companion and The Writer’s Almanac. If he’s not hanging around the Twin Cities, you can probably find him in Milwaukee playing guitar for the universe’s premiere glam rock tribute band. Follow him on Tumblr and Twitter.

Jake Mohan (contributing editor) received his M.F.A. in nonfiction writing from the University of Minnesota in 2008. He has written for the Utne Reader and Thought Catalog, among other publications, and has the dubious distinction of being quoted in the Wikipedia entry on hipsters. He has taught writing at the U of M, The Loft Literary Center, and McNally Smith College of Music. Jake also plays drums in a handful of Twin Cities bands, including Pennyroyal and the house band of Salon Saloon, the “Upper Middle West’s #1 Live-Action Arts Magazine.” And, like most everyone else, he has a website and Tumbls and Tweets on occasion.

Colleen Powers (managing editor) comes from Rockford, Illinois, but has officially abandoned it for Northeast Minneapolis. In 2010 she received her B.A. in journalism, film studies, and comparative literature from the University of Minnesota. Her favorite activities include reading feminist blogs, watching Woody Allen movies, and attending Doomtree shows. She tweets at @colleen_powers and blogs on her website,

Aubrey Shermock (development and marketing manager) recently returned to the Twin Cities after attending graduate school in Ohio, where she received her M.B.A. from the University of Cincinnati and is working on completing her M.A. in Arts Administration. During her time in Cincinnati, she worked behind-the-scenes for a number of arts organizations, helping primarily with fundraising, marketing and community outreach. Before that, Aubrey served as a writer and media specialist at a St. Paul public relations firm. Excited to be back in her home state, Aubrey can be found reconnecting with all things Minnesotan—particularly her love of the Twin Cities art scene—and crafting with old friends.

Kate Westlund (contributing editor – podcasts) hails from Denver, Colorado, but has gladly called Minnesota home for the greater part of the last five years. After a year on the east coast apprenticing in a commercial pasta kitchen and “green cleaning” homes, she is now finally back in Minnesota and putting her B.A. in Communication (College of St. Benedict) to use! In addition to her work with TCR, she is also a production intern for the tpt show Almanac. Accordingly, she starts many of her sentences with a wistful, “If I had money…,” but is nevertheless enjoying her journey of young adulthood. She loves to knit, listen to podcasts, cook, watch movies, read, and hang out with her favorite dog, Lily.

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