Monday, December 12, 2016

Contributing Editor

Twin Cities Runoff, a new online magazine featuring local writers, artists, photographers, and all makers of things, seeks enthusiastic editors to create and manage content.

Do you see stories in your neighborhoods and want to share them with others? Interested in art, music, politics, science and technology, sports, or anything else Twin Cities local culture can offer? Do you love reading creative nonfiction and longform journalism and think that there could never possibly be enough of it? Want some management and networking experience to boot? Become a TCR Contributing Editor!

Contributing Editors at Twin Cities Runoff will work with the editorial team to develop content, gather writers, and help map the editorial direction of TCR. We’re looking for people who are bursting with ideas and who are psyched about making connections between people and communities. This volunteer position (3-5 hours weekly) allows for a large amount of creative freedom and all the pros and cons of working with a relatively new, growing organization.

Twin Cities Runoff believes in an in-depth, collectively oriented editorial process, so you’ll be working closely with an editorial team. Duties are as follows:

  • Develops one TCR piece as primary editor every six weeks
  • Commissions or locates images as Primary Editor
  • Second editor on one to two TCR pieces monthly
  • Builds relationships with a variety of writers, adding monthly to TCR Writers Database
  • Participates in TCR Open Shop nights once a month
  • Promotes TCR as widely as possible within the Twin Cities area, both online and in personal promotions
  • To apply, please send a letter of interest, resume, writing sample, and an annotated list of three websites you admire to

    If you can’t commit to work 3-5 hours weekly but still would like to work with Twin Cities Runoff anyway, drop us a line with your resume and interests, and we’ll chat!

    Please apply by Friday, August 19.