Monday, December 12, 2016

Marketing and Events Manager

Cross-promoters, connection builders, social media sympathizers, and fantastic writers: Twin Cities Runoff wants to work with you. We’re looking for a Marketing and Events Manager to coordinate our supplementary publications and help build our audience. This is a volunteer position, but as we build our audience, there is a lot of room to grow. We’re looking for one or more of the following to be our Marketing and Events coordinator:

  • An idea fountain: Are you continually thinking of great ideas and have nowhere to put them? Put them with us; we’ll give you the werewithal and support to execute them.
  • A bridge-builder: Do you like connecting and collaborating with different people and organizations? We’re really looking for someone who knows how to cross boundaries.
  • A fantastic writer: This is one of the most writing-intensive positions at Twin Cities Runoff! Yeah, no shit!
  • An event planner: Do you like throwing parties? Do you enjoy finding different tables to sit at?
  • An audience conspirator: Do you know all about reaching different demographics, even though you despise the idea of demographics because we’re all part of the same fascinating world?
  • A scrimper-and-saver: Do you know how to do more with less? If you need to do more, do you know how to find the resources?
  • A social stimulator: We don’t care whether you’re “good at Twitter,” but you have to know your way around the internet and not hate people too much. Do you know when to use what method of media?
  • Someone who is passionate about creative nonfiction, journalism, writing, and connecting new media with old traditions.
  • A huge publications nerd.This volunteer position (3-5 hours weekly) allows for a large amount of creative freedom and all the pros and cons of working with a relatively new, growing organization. In turn, you’ll get a ton of writing, publishing, marketing, and event-planning experience. This position is perfect for someone who is looking to change careers or get creative experience beyond administrative duties.

    Marketing and Events Managers will write weekly newsletters, compose social media updates, search for cross-promotional opportunities, and plan two collaborative events every six months. Additionally,

    To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, short writing sample (any sort of nonfiction will do), and an annotated list of your three favorite Twin Cities events of the past year OR your three favorite Twin Cities companies or organizations to

    If you can’t commit to work 3-5 hours weekly but still would like to work with Twin Cities Runoff anyway, drop us a line with your resume and interests, and we’ll chat!

    Please apply by Friday, August 19.