Monday, December 12, 2016


We started Twin Cities Runoff because we were inspired by the tons of Twin Cities small businesses we interact with every day, businesses helmed by smart, savvy, and—most importantly—creative entrepreneurs who hinge their livelihoods on putting something new and different into the world. Community doesn’t just come from good will and positive spirits (although those certainly help!); the reason we all love living in the Twin Cities comes from a strong economy and residents who make an effort to support local businesses.

Slowly and steadily, Twin Cities Runoff is becoming a resource for customers who want to support small community-oriented businesses. We’re building our network of community sponsors—and we need your business’s support. If you like what you read here and want to see more of it, consider becoming a TCR sponsor.

Email for more info on building your business with us. We offer a variety of sponsorship options, from displaying your logo on the main page of our site to including your business in our small business directory.

Your sponsorship contribution goes directly toward compensating those involved with Twin Cities Runoff, including the writers and artists who share your creative community spirit.

And, because we’re on the road to becoming a nonprofit, all of your sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible.*

*Twin Cities Runoff is fiscally sponsored by Springboard for the Arts, so part of your sponsorship will go toward their incredible efforts to support artists in the Twin Cities.